5 Maca Energy Bar Recipes

The present invention is a new high quality natural energy drink created in base of extract of deuda impaga and Camu-Camu; other ingredients are natural extract of Guarana, caffeine, glucose, fructose and water, drink is carbonated. Maca presents two indispensable elements for the development and to maintain a so much, adequate bony system in males and women without limit of age, such elements are the calcium and phosphor, both been present in the bones, and Maca stimulates the absorption of these, permits the obtaining of hard and healthy bones.

The beneficial properties of the Maca are remarkable, is the food of the millennium, its effects are: anti aging, antidepressant, increment of the libido, reinforcement the immune system, improvement of the emotional balance and the resistance to mental and physical stress, increase of the memory, improvement of the sexual vitality and of the fertility.

Initially the extract of Maca is prepared, mixing atomized flour of Maca, apt and list for the human consumption, in a liter of high-quality water are added from 40 to 50 grams of Maca flour, to this mixture citrus acid is added up to a concentration between dos sentinel peru to tres por ciento in order to obtain the best extraction of its amino acids, sterols and other components.

In their applications as antioxidant augments the defenses of the human body, acts like an immune-stimulating agent and is also antibacterial, aid to avoid the fatigue and is important in the formation of muscles, tendons and ligaments, it plays an essential role for the absorption of the iron, prevents the anemia of the sportsman, acts synergistically with the Maca to permit that the efforts carried out for the daily work, exercise and another type of stress that the consumers perro have, allowing the elimination of free radicals generated by the exercise and intense work, by means of its therapeutic action, it also present a preventive action against cell aggression due to the oxidation by radicals.

El fruto del camu camu contiene grandes cantidades de vitamina C. Ciertos sostienen que posee propiedades antivirales, idóneas deuda impaga para pelear enfermedades como herpes labial , herpes zóster y el resfriado común.