Comercio Exterior

Volvemos al weblog en dos mil catorce con mucha alegría, de continuar aquí un año más y con muchos nuevos proyectos que, poco a poco os vamos a ir contando. I halved the recipe for a single serving, and instead of juice I made a cup of iced blueberry herbal tea (unsweetened) and put that in. I think next time I’ll make the tea ahead of time and use one half to soak the seeds, and the other to top off the drink.

Our co-op has a diez por cien off on the 10th of each month so when I do my bigger shop there I treat the family to one of these as well, I’ve tried the Mamma Chia and another brand which I can’t recall the name of. However, I think that goes out the window now that I am empowered to do this myself.