Cómo Abordar Un Proyecto De CRM Para Tu Pyme.

Hace algo más de un año escribíamos sobre el impacto de las herramientas IT de administración en las Pequeñas y medianas empresas españolas, siendo evidente el escaso empleo de las mismas entre las pequeñas empresas. In Kenya, we have achieved 98% brand awareness, meaning almost everybody knows OLX and can tell you what it is about. This translates to millions of people across the globe using OLX to buy and sell goods, find a job or rent a house every day. The adverts are going to increase in number gradually over the next few months, once the locals become more accustomed to using olx as a daily commerce driver. OLX uses two Google ad units, one that is persistent throughout on the leftside of the site and one right before the listings.