Denuncian Que Chinos Se Llevan Del Perú Maca Como Contrabando

El Camu Camu (Myrciria dubia) es un arbusto de casi 3 metros de altura que se halla principalmente en áreas pantanosas inundadas de la Selva Amazónica del Perú. If you want to buy wool to make your own sweaters, scarfs, hats, etc., there is a store close to the Plaza de Armas where you cánido buy “baby” alpaca wool. Producer and LA resident Turbotito’s interpretation of Sea of Dreams” features on Baby Alpaca’s forthcoming remix album, Strictly Sexual. Baby alpaca is one of the most luxurious materials in the world: warmer than cashmere, softer than wool. Baby alpaca is named such as a measure of the fiber density (it’s not fleece from baby alpacas!).

The alpaca is a member of the South American camelid family, descended from vicunas and related to the more commonly known llama. Alpacas were heavily cultivated by the Inca Empire, who considered alpaca fleece a treasured material reserved primarily for royalty. Baby alpaca sweaters typically retail for at least dólares americanos 400, often going as high as dólares americanos 5000 for some luxury brands. And because it has no lanolin, alpaca can often be worn by people who are allergic to the lanolin in wool.

At Cuyana, we’re honored to be able to offer our baby alpaca pieces to you at a much more outstanding price point (because we forgo the middlemen and bring them directly to the consumer). There are no known wild alpacas, though its closest living relative, the vicuña (also native to South America), are believed to be the wild ancestor of the alpaca. Because of the high price commanded by alpaca on the growing North American alpaca market, illegal alpaca smuggling has become a growing problem.