Digital DJ the new era of the mix

Well and what better to start this blog with a news of digital DJs, I remember that when I was in Peru 8 years ago I was the only DJ that mixed only with a computer, because it made me more comfortable and it was like I learned. But of course the other djs put the scream in the sky and told me that NO and NO that was not mixing and that it had to be with vinyl and well all that, the truth did not come to wash my head so much that I learned to mix with CDs and Vinyls but I saw it as well as mixing by computer since one had to know how to square it, but good to them nothing seemed.

Years later it will be that 2004 or 2005 Paul Van Dyk breaks everything because at a party in Space Miami a picture of him with a laptop appears! OMG! in the community of djs the scream went up in the sky! I mean if the djs with the jousts allowed the CDs now a computer and mp3s was not the worst of the worst ... of course at that time Paul Van Dyk wanted to mislead with 2 vinyls that were connected to the computer .. WTF? what was that? Well, that was called Finalscratch