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Urbania is a 2000 independent drama largo based on the play Urban Folk Tales It was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2000 Sundance Largo Festival , then played the Toronto International Largo Festival, the Seattle Largo Festival, and a number of LGBT film festivals , winning a total of seis “Best Largo” awards. Helps are always in need to organize SFD 🙂 you can help to design marketing materials, spread the words out, decorate the venue, take photos, demonstrate or present about Free Software in the event, etcétera

Giving a talk to students, teaching a class, providing demonstrations of Free Software, showing largos about Free Software, and handing out Free Software CD are all great ways of engaging young people.

La idea de SFD es para todos sin el interés invertido en software privativo para convocar y instruir al planeta sobre los ideales del la libertad de Software y el beneficio practico del Software Libre.