Los 5 Grupos Económicos Más Ricos Y Poderosos Del Perú

La Diputación de Castellón , en su apuesta por consolidar el campo turístico como pilar económico de la provincia, fortalecerá a lo largo de este año la promoción de la marca ‘Castellón Spain’ y sus productos turísticos a nivel internacional. Check out this picture of an alpaca Farm in Arequipa, Peru and all the alpacas are getting out of being in this farm is LOVE!!!! It was a pleasure meeting designer Grethel Gonzales and I got to appreciate the alpaca fiber more by wearing this lovely coat. As I kept on interviewing Leila I really learned that designers are not designing your regular grandmother’s alpaca sweater. Just recently, I got to watch a fashion show which designers are using the alpaca fiber in their fashion designs. For example, I got to see dresses that could be worn on the red carpet and all made of alpaca fiber.

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